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The good old days when fortnite wasnt broken Wow man actually wow i dont even have one kil on my lagi screen serieus 4:58 he shouldve gotten the epic tac I feel Old Fortnite had a unique feeling to it and is not the same anymore Try winning with only GreyWhite stuff ItzL3gend u could somehow win he misses a lot of shots Some squads couldve won actually if most of the squads just actually did team work and attacked together then seperate then they could win but most of the squads were either just really bad and they all jumped him and died or they were seperated or they were just dumb like those guys he was sniping from across loot lake they didnt even build a full defense Great that you dont see names in the lobby then :) Im calling it.

Youre talking about this like its a fucking decade old. Subject Delta totally, then it must be also my fault You like the sweats i would rather play pubg with long matches than fortnite when you land you get claped by a try hard It was always fine until we started trying Then play a real game i, amazing times. Ima faint I stopped playing a year and a half ago but I still remember this. Me winning at least once would have me running shirtless around my entire neighborhood.

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