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All these guys quit the game, i must be representing all the normal people when i say i like to pretend the nerdout verse doesnt exist Still remember these lyrics biggest flex This song came out like a week before my fifth grade final field trip and our counselor knew the song and then we came back and were on the last day of school then went to sixth grade and corona happened Ridho Alfaathir Nur yep I am his big fan Elite ghost try using grammar next time.

Also welcome to the arena world where u supposed to rotate safely in mid game and not play brain dead. Thats unbelievable? I had 7 kill and all my other friends together had 30 Holy fuck this argument lasted a whole month haha Gabriel Nodal I dont anymore I cant stand the sweats And this was 8 months ago.

Darks was bad to be honest GamingWitApro_TV. Severe Mobile that happened just as I read this comment Mathias Rasmussen I believe it, instead it became the biggest fucking sweat fest with literally no time to do anything remotely fun, the old guns. he still makes it sound sick tho MalikMasterPlayz yeah he didnt rhyme the ending word but it still kind of rhymed lmao No he rhymes the word before, t chorando Im playing in chapter season 5 just to even think about how old this clip is drives me insane They need to bring this season things back Good old days!

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