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Its only been three years it feels like a mil This song is amazing. You stay up till 3 being really silent without your parents knowing so that you can get to see the new season 2 changes. The game is good now. Kyrkebakken05 on ps4 H20 was fire fortnite sang the bit you were asking for The one who said Uninstall the game because honestly your trash dude No the first the beginning and the second and the last was the epic one Yeah but the big difference is that Eminems verse on that song was good unlike fortnite here.

Totallynot Analtaccount ummm well my highest kills in solo squad is 23 kills and most of them are shotgun kills so ya anyone can get how much kills with a rpg easy kills thats all i gotta say Christian Acosta probably not noobs he just makes them look bad thb Christian Acosta its old this game has changed so much God what are you doing watching fortnite how about u go save ppl that r being killed by terrorists Christian Acosta rpg is like any weapon and I bet u noob and 3 killes is da highest for u Or I am mistaken 1 is the best for u Christian Acosta and u think they are noobs because of the default skin that time was season 2 or 1, at least you dont have 1 billion LOSSES ManTV99 Studios I feel your pain 23 solo 12 duo and 9 squad Did you just say a billion looses how old are you My brother is pretty good at fortnite, memories you wish you could relive just one more time Occasionally I go back to this website to remember the good ol times when not everyone was a literal building God and the game was still simple.

Pros back then are like bots now i miss those days I actually feel sad listening to this I miss the old Fortnite 1: No 10 years old 2: No sweaty soccer skins flexing and doing 90s 3: Tac Smg 4: Good map 5: Fun and laughing 6: Good battle pass Edit: Im glad that im not the only one that miss the old Fortnite lol, like Minecraft has.

Youre incorrect.

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