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its kind of sad to realize how bad this game has become­ 16:45 We just going to ignore how fortnite actually ducked when he almost got sniped I remember coming home from school and going on twitch or website to see his new vids Wish we could turn back time, ah the old times OMG the old map, watching.

i vote for him! ­ I remember I used to tell my friends they could only listen to this 5 times cause they would make the song boring and me over here playin it like 1,000,000 times a damn day Bro this brings back in of days when I was in school making a book about fortnite wit my friends ­­­ I used to sing this with my friends all the time and now if I sang Id get bullied how have times changed so much in 3 years :( Man life was so good when this was out Remember when this was an actual good game.

Really helping to balance out the spray meta too. We miss the old fortnite the old fortnite and the good ol days That time fortnite was the best Fortnite player and everyone accept it­ Creative didnt kill the game. Im og i got arriela assasult trooper and recon and renengade Iam not nostalgic about fortnite season 1 iam nostalgic about.

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