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I need help changing my FORTNITE NANE PLEASE. I would do anything to go back D : i got dinner and searched solo squad and then am here I think everyone who really understands that fortnite will never be the same: C Same man, wow never thought that so many people miss the old sounds and gameplay :() Back when grey pumps did the same damage as gold pumps now Theres lots of players still playing but for me the game is not as fun as it used to be.

H20 Delirious was the best and won also cuz of his laugh­­­ CDN and H20 are the best, Dakotaz have it away. fortnite is trash compared to Tfue Bro tfue is nowhere near fortnite ­­ Tfue has trashed on fortnite multiple times. Malachi frye ALL OF H20 RAPS I LISTEN TO ALL DAY MY BROTHER SAID TURN THAT SHIT U LISTENED TO THAT LIKE 1000 TIMES Me bro still hyped everytime I watch his part I read this entire thread and lost brain cells Gk Bryce 0078 I disagree with all except CDN and H20 Anglemelly was actually not traSh like everyone else lmao Quito Gaming another word for got to Gk Bryce 0078 Ok that your opion but read that description Pumizki P I already know what it say Pumizki P oh sorry, utilizing the Act out highlight, por favor, now fornite adding everything for people to come back.

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