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And not warzone, nowadays when he streams the game it feels more forced and depressing. P Dusty My boy DK was spitting fireeeee­­­ Still listening in i love the part CDNThe3rd raps so good but i love all the rap parts :D still the best FABVL and H20 DELIRIOUS were my favourites. 75 speed and get everything Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Yeppppppppppp unless you not an OG, CONTAINERS Damage by Volcano Finally planes are gone More sweats grinding for level 100 The rages are real Who here before 1M likes on this legendary og nostalgic rap NoobOrPro ProVsNoob mine too haters only say that another is better H2ODelirious Get it right people its a O Aman Harji27 ya and now fortnite sucks a big one The_mad_man_madd 11 fortnite sucks in your opinion so if u say everybodys opinion think cuz I like it To break it to you but thinking is bad infested with try-hards Aman Harji27 ye it was actually good Thats the reason why I quit playin Fortnite season 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,X,11 or chapter 2 season 7 my personal favourite Razorlasor 70 hes not an option (look at the description) Quick scope clan 19.

Lol I was gonna say 2016 but then I had a Vietnam flashback of first year high school­ Ouch. Savage. 15 Matando con otras armas que no sea con lanzacohetes 85 Matando con lanzacohetes Time was so much simpler back in season 2-3 Wow life in general was just so much better back then Solo squads now would be literally impossible was the best days off forts I swear after season 7 it was a wrap Miss the good old days when everything was simpler.

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