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Pc is 100 harder Ivy Emoji Bro, feels like it dropped a year ago Who remembers when this song came out and everyone in fn was vibing together Moment of silence for the kids who sang this for their talent show The one who knows the song had the best life I will never forget the late nights and the hype of landing at tilted with the bros but I fear that will never happen again I would do anything for just 1 more game like this I guess when we were playing we did not realize it was going to go by so fast but now its gone and it hurts to no this will never again happen H20 part was coldddd when this came out life was good This song reminds of the amazing fortnite season 3 vibes Xr Dread bro people use to sing this in a public squad match haha I miss the old fortnite so much.

i used to take turns wit my pops. Its my chick. 3:07 does she sound like murgz mum or is it just me I like this one more then rap battle 2. All the dubs you and the homies should have got Im literaly crying rn i rememver coming back from schoolthe good days of fortnite where I would sit in class watching fortnite on twitch.

A good example would be his CoD Extinction website.

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