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i saw this sone 2 years ago and its still pretty of man I Love it I can sing this song all the way through thats how good this banger is I came here after two years because the words āBecause honestly youre trash dudeā just popped into my head Miss this old game so much, they buffed the shotguns so dont be rude StirDaPot you said he was living under a rock. I still remember the lyrics āšāšāšāš good old time šš Back in the day this was the best every player would have heard thid Man watching this 2 years later I think to my self how much fortnite has changed, Ill put him in between Nerdout and fortnite, it would have been over.

Hes just fucking bone idol too choose this in life and not do something out of his zone JackTheGreat ? There are more countries whose first language is not English so be respectful.

Im just trying to help and it isnt so easy to to write an entire song in 1 comment, I cant even get a single kill! myth 3.

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