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And lets be honest, 3:43 redblue stripe buildings look empty on upper floors, it was 7 months since the website was released, Im still practicing in creative, but it was really fun seasons 1-4 then 5-7 was ok.

He was never the best PUBG player : Best halo player is between ogre 2 and pistola imo Well he wasnt anywhere close to the best halo player so Tony Gonzalez he even got beat by areallygoodnoob in h3 Spencer FFA well hes not the best fortnite player soooo OhItsAidan well youre watching a 3 week old website from him sooo fortnite was maybe the 50th best Halo 3 1v1 player. Days when fun is more important than money Looooollll this is literally exactly my record too well 2 of them where afk but still Am i the only one who loves the sound of the Fortnite rocket launcher HOLY S THX FOR THE LIKES.

edit: youre probably one of those toxic players ngl that also ruined the game. Can never st0p watching this? Ever since the new chapter, I just wish prime fortnite was back. Another one of my favourite you tubers strike again.

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