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Its not just the game but and where some of the best years of my life. Myth should have been in this rap NerdOut. Using a combination of both tactics would assist you with improving your understanding the rules and patterns of the game significantly.

And Im the strongest player in the school so many peoples wants to play with me. but it may be coming back like we are stuck ina new dimension and jonesy is trying to get us back home. I used to blast this in the background as a hype song The memories man it hurts I still remember singing when it was season 3 bro the times Man I wish that they just made a game mode with old guns old binds like you only could use combat pro or old school u know that would be sooooooooo much better Life was at its best when this was out Can we have a minute of silence for all the players that quit the game I remember running around in 5th and 6th grade when everybody was running around the playground yelling FORTNITE FORTNITE LETS GO I GET IT ALL NIGHT ALL NIGHT FOR SHOW and playing nerf guns with people acting like we dropping shift shafts and stuff it was so funny and awesome and i miss season 1-7 so much they were so fun and we were all bad and know everybody is a sweat and the game looks like shit and all the guns look like shit and they vault everything good and add useless exotics like a scoped revolver and silenced pistol and i miss the old seasons even playing zone wars in the middle of the night in seasons 9-10 were pretty fun just going for trickshots and doing crossbow only and stuff and clipping our friends was the best Bro the last time I listened to this it was season 5 chapter 1.

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