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I have deployed a YEET mech on the frontline For fire protection from ceez forces I equipped our yeet mech with yeet bubble and a bot (me) to fetch more yeet bubbles for our yeet mech I propose as a front line soldier we create a dedicated YEET army with 5 branches: the Yeetranfy the foot soldiers to be eqquiped with yeet nades yeet bows the yeet pistol And yeet bubbles The YEETvlry with yeet pistols and bows they charge forward with yeet bubbles on their YEET boards The YEET air force with planes: the types normal planes and YEETboard plus 2 balloon planes (to be eqquiped with bottle YEETs) And the most important most essential most yeet division.

i would like to take this time and advertise his twitch channel. Listened to this all the time when it first came out and fortnite was really fun back then, but thats not the point. 2 best times of gaming, he had a grey pump and did a 220 headshot nowadays that would be like max 120 fortnite: gets 32 kills 3 years later Fresh: gets 50 kills in his thanos website, there are many Broooo i miss when fortnite used to constantly go for the best Dont know why this is in my recommended?

GOD My favorite line was fortnite line Uninstall the game, 4 and 5 were alright but after season six everything changed.

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