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Tell me how everyone weapon he has mid game is vaulted or the color rarity doesnt existš I remember when Fortnite wasnt filled with sweats and overbuilders. THERE IS AIRPLANES AND SNOW AND IF YOU MISS A SHOT UR PUMP DOES DAMAGE NOW Fknhell i miss this shit, my mind is so boggled Back when this game was good its a fucking atrocity now I really miss old fortnite,classic dog tags and army stuff now its all new futuristic rapper stuff I like how everyone is saying that epic games ruined the game 100 and forgetting that we ruined it too, Im just getting back into the game cuz I stopped playing in season 5, and i really amaze when i see someone play fortnite like this, Texas Ive been myself its cool) hope it answers your question ( yes I am a lonely bored loser ) I dont care if youre watching this in R.

V-Godly im not the creator of that saying and the original comment was copied and wrong. Omg man good old days LikeableHydra 282 COD WaW, we just knew we were having fun, I doubt what you say. 14 years crying (not fr) at night rn I havent played fortnite for a year soon.

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