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I dont think theres anything to criticize bruh DeadMan Walking i bet ur one of those haterz that takes the game to serious so u hatin kuz u kant do wat he just did Jake Bishop yh i cant do what he did i aint no hater js I dont understand whats wrong with that I think these people mistook you for jake as both of you have white letter with an orange background DeadMan Walking in telling you man he had issues Lmaooo my bad i thought u were him xD Dont take everything so serious.

These were the glory days. I make it look easy, nerfing or devaluing some weapons has made other weapons go into God Tier level. fortnite le da mil vueltas a Lolito Im Extortion I was thinking the same :D TheAstep that is probably higher than you The record is from XSOO with 36 kills solo vs squads PS players in duossquads are actually playing vs half pc half ps and on ps u can attach ur keyboardmouse to fortnite and its so hard to plays against those guys if u dont have a keyboardmouse aswell Sampo Karvonen maybe if you are playing with a controller, I found out he was right.

Say beast:) Yokino at least he didnt capitalize the G. Good times This brings backs a lot of memories :( The old and nostalgic times of Fortnite‚ Dont forget that was also when the game was actually good.

Not everyday bro or babyyet additionally be over in minutes.

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