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This brings back good memories of the old days of the game Meeeeee I did it now no fricking way hahhaha I sing the song all the time fortnite all night lets go I get it all night:) You still play fortnite so of course you know This used to be the only song I knew the lyric to Definitely i watched it like 3 years ago and I still know every word Yeah when the game was good and the community wasnt as toxic as toxic waste Some of the people in this website got popular cause of this song Now Youre In The Lobby Wondering Who Shot Ya Yeah man.

It was simpler, also its crazy how behind everyone was in building before fortnite. Its the best season in my opinion because of the game modes, the sound of fortnite keyboard is so satisfying I miss this fortnite, everything was great, because this good time in Fortnites history left us quickly :( Intellectual CheatCodes my guy you cant even spell This is the only fortnite I remember, sorry gotta go double G double peace Ahhh Yeet Best of them all,sory goto go double peace I LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE YOUR PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Ive been enjoying it more than most games Ive been playing.

Lol the drinks bring back all the memories The Gamer4life lmao i have no clue bruh Nobody here waste time responding to that DEVI kid he is obviously a troll who came here to annoy people and ruin a peaceful comment Shaked Michaeli no youre not 18 look at your pfp FOR THE LAST TIME FORTNITE IS NOT nostalgic Infernyl lol that was like 5 years ago Arno o The game changes so fast, everything was chill (sorry for bad Eng) Como esse jogo era bom man tmnc,mt saudades, i truly wish i didnt make fun of fortnite for the first two years.

Miss you guys all streaming together.

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