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Same I am literally the third due to this song I dont even play Fortnite anymore but I missed playing with the homies in season 4 when it was actually fun Yeah!

They talk about his rhymes!. To stay away from this you can turn on YouTubes confined mode to obstruct improper substance. I even forgot about bo4 release date and dropped ww2 and cod is the first series I ever played and I love it too.

The fact is if anyone thought this was a good song they are under the age on 10 Pubg is better, I always listened that song and saying, imo adding creative was the worst thing they could possibly do Creative plays a big part in creating better players but likely wouldnt be the main thing that starts the decline of fortnite, we just have to admit that the game isnt at its full potential as it use to be?

Grunty144 You have a ssj3 goku profile pic my dude.

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