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I love the vids man keep of the great work. Now we are SWIMMING like were dolphins. 220 damage headshot with a grey pump, you saying that will get many people to turn up against you? Its not a problem its just how game work people need up getting better you gotta except change They should make another version of this game where you could play season 1-5 again Dawg sweats existed in season 1 to. Yo whos on rn and seeing tilted again Turns out after three years I still have the lyrics memorized Ik for a fact everyone forgot ab his This was the era when fortnite was fun like if your og OMG 1.

I miss the old fortnite the always toxic and funny fortnite the always back chatty fortnite I hate new fortnite the always rude fortnite the always trying to get views fortnite :( its the Kanye west song parody.

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