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Fortnite became big when the kids flocked to it and that was late - early. Bruh. BananaArms08 please tell me your epic and we can 1v1 you can have a green tac ill have a green pump Basket Ball k my name is XxredclockXx190 Cexxm GT and replaced it with a shit shotgun SH4N3 back then the grey pump did 225 and the green pump did 237 headshot with the grey doing 90 body shot and green doing 95.

I would look forward to playing it with my friends after school. You guys acting like its the impossible lol i got a 301m You shouldnt even be going for those shots Maisam Mohammadi actually its easier, i dont think kids parents would let them buy a game for 60 Started with older people playing loads then turned into 8 year old land, I dont practice until my aim is cracked neither I do any editing courses, You will always be in our hearts I just came here to remember the good old times and imagine that Im still in season 3 or something Its November and I want the OG Fortnite feeling back I remember this time before everybody didnt play competitive I dont know why this website makes me nostalgic When fortnite was still fun.

Is such s nice song so many dislikes he tried so hard with this and so many dislikes like if you agree NICE SONG IT LOVE.

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