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Lol I used to be the same. If you play on console what you just said holds no value. ­­­ 1:51 My favourite was cdnthenerd and nija fortnite!!!!. Im a big fan. sad to see a good game gone :c Its 3 years Ago and i have so much nostalgie I Remember when me and my classmates sing this Thats the only bad thing about the game in my opinion Sweats using holo Jen Walters and holo Tony Stark with holo Thor Cloak Yeah a year ago a sweat went full rage on me for having no skin EDIT: also got knocked then 2 people burned me on a fireplace while doing take the L Sorry.

Damn time flies grandma was right Fortnite is just not the same anymore­ Omg i remember watching this at school with my friend Jan 30.

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