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and epic only cares about the noobs players thats why they are making those updates. Welcome back. At building. At my old school they let us listen to music using our iPads sometimes and one kid really played this Wish we could go back to those times, you can choose play to begin the game, C, goot greatest of old times) fortnite not knowing what editing is at 14:08 LOL Full grey pump headshot does as much as todays gold pump full headshot, just saying, the title would be 1 KILL SOLO WIN I miss the older and more simpler times IDK WHY FORTNITE BEFORE 2Y OR 3Y WAS RLLY FUN Back when you could spam rockets like that :( this was prime fortnite 48 million views on a gaming website is insane I miss the og fortnite days so much The original main menu music.

The cried about the spaz cuz they didnt want to get one shot so Epic responds by putting trash shotguns in the game.

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