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Yall are asking for too much. Im not a fan of him but yea his rap was awesome not better than fabvl and delirous James Eaton there ones were dumb bro cdnthe3rd was way better specially fabvl basically said the same thing I didnt mean to it said it didnt send I actually think fortnite and Dakotaz Had the best XxShadowxX Gaming fortnite had a great part to!!.

I used to, damn. Ive played like 80 games and I only have 50 something kills in solo so dont feel bad And dont come at me like ‚oh yea like ur any good‚ because I am. Nabil Danial that donation was for charity Seth he has add or adhd, Fine Thanks for replying. Winning in pubg feels rewarding asf cuz I got a case thats like 5 dollars. but my favorite was Dancing on you body fortnite verse is gonna be the first thing i year in If u play this at exactly 11:56:37 at exactly midnight fortnite will start rapping 131,809,690 views, nothing like 11hrs Damn this website brings back memories.

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