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Fortnite became big when the kids flocked to it and that was late - early. fortnite le da mil vueltas a Lolito Im Extortion I was thinking the same :D TheAstep that is probably higher than you The record is from XSOO with 36 kills solo vs squads PS players in duossquads are actually playing vs half pc half ps and on ps u can attach ur keyboardmouse to fortnite and its so hard to plays against those guys if u dont have a keyboardmouse aswell Sampo Karvonen maybe if you are playing with a controller, be happy it happened?

you are so awesome 3 Nyx Flame decent PC if you build is 800-1000 plus it is a PC it does PC things but gpu prices are bad because of cryptos so yeah its expensive but wait a little and it will be ok Nyx Flame you also dont pay for online so if you use for lets say 3 years thats a good 180 dollars saved Nyx Flame final piece games are wayyyyy cheaper Nyx Flame I dont think he could do it on Xbox just not enough buttons The times where we would play fortnite all day every day.

So he killed 18 of the last 24. fortnite has amazing and awesome skills for fortnite Your so amazing fortnite you play like a god Why cant we all return the good times where we wouldnt have to build 5 star hotels to stay alive also be like fortnite and complement people it wouldnt kill ya Oh my i miss the old fortnite hopefully one day he could return­ I remmeber watching this a minute after he publish this website, and dont consider myself a fortnite kid at all, invincible at his best Bruh their working on an update to drive cars Vynxey New updates is ­ but boring yah kinda agree, i like ( even though it annoys me ) when theres a new location you have to go to that location to unlock it, he is a power bottom Youre clearly not an OG.

Epic should make a gamemode which is just the old mapold weapons I miss where I go home and just play the game with my friends having fun nights Be honest you searched this up to hear the song again.

That game is so sweaty now its not even very fun anymore :(( It was so much fun but the start of season 8 ruined it to me and i havent played since Same I left season 8 now I joined back Practice your builds and aim.

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