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I use to listen to this all the time I miss the good old fortnite days Ahh, and Delirious that was liked the most, but everything else was the best. Now people build a 5 star hotel after a sound of a shot What I love about fortnite is s how hes not really cocky and over the top when he gets an amazing kill ­ If they just kept it simple like this. Um i wasnt hateing bud i was just saying that i like apex better so yeah I was not hateing I like the Dakotaz part because of his soothing deep voice Jesus this song is god damn amazing, FORTNITE IS WAY BETTER Robert Araiza thats how we know your a five year old Robert Araiza he was trying to ask a question and your just screaming your opinion Personally I dont like PUB and I like Fortnite but u dont have to scream,geez how old r u Flaming arrow His beat are kinda slow for my liking :p If nobody would of liked your comment i would have died because honestly your right Alan Tandazo because he asked what music I listen to My dad like the song he didnt hit me TYTTUS THOMAS myth is a way better builder TYTTUS THOMAS Myth uitbuilds fortnite Colin Edwards damn I never knew he had barz ­­­ Clynt 42 lol fax man he went in like nothing I love your profile pic dbz all night Izaklona a mi tambi├n me gusta DAKOTAZ I could not think of a name it never was its cringe af Your the best player in fortnite save fortnite from the earthcuake and flood I love you I love you fortnite so much Bradley leon he not the real fortnite I think the earrape version is better Yeeees!!?

It is at 28 rn and its gonna go to 60 shortly, but after the World Cup. IDontKnow 1000000x0 is 0 so gl next time Yaomi wow thats a very original and creative joke, or your first time getting a win, and how to assist their youngsters with playing securely. (I played during season 4 chapter 1) Yall gotta shut up abt the pump, parecen bots no tienen manos jaa Swaggy O its something dumb.

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