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Usually a comment like this I would see people fighting about random shit but you guys didnt so now I dont need to see kids with no life fighting Gaztons The commander says the one with a dead meme Well. Actually im in 9 years old category but actually im 15 But I am only watching cause I like the song. Imo means in my opinion said it in second comment?

And all the og stuff is gone and replaced with trash new items and they ruin the quadcrasher and they even threaten to take away title when the pizza trailer came out they were shooting klombo- I remember on challenge day everyone dropped at the challenge location and teamed for while to do the challenge, the human hand cannot make precise enough movements on such small a range of motion, he was so grateful and happy, i just want the old playstyles when everyone was trash at the game and it was enjoyable, have a go at asking your youngster inquiries about the thing they are doing in the game, people didnt like it though, and what the game is now I think Fortnite is still a good game whether you like it or not it is but these times are historical and one of a kind If times machines were to exist and you could only use it once, one of the nine year olds actually took the time to reply here You can have your opinion, By your face.

It is incredible. I want specific facts It really is, and this takes the cake alongside overwatch. Owen O Malley halocene was trash because shes female ofc Owen O Malley lool we got the same top 3 Waj tbh mate she is probably better than youll ever be Owen O Malley i cant agree but atlest Delirious is top 3 II mark weldon II cba means cant be arsed Fds lsr cdn imw rig lpn kill me plsss CDN was the best they should have saved him for last because best for last Owen O Malley cdn was trash his yeet is cringe af Im reporting him for dancing on a downed player lmao Jungkookie 11 year old fortnite fan boy love ittttt Uhhhhh im gonna need a caculator or find on internet Im 12 years old.

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