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This was a BANGER, let alone unnecessary in general lol Thats a reason i lost respect for him. ננננננ Thx for all the likes ill be editing for future people tell me if i miss it by accident נ Sitting down having a cup of tea נגן¸ Uniq Soulx B he is better then you and pretty much everyone in this rap.

Like. The skins in the game after season 4 (and during) look like a little kids drawings. TheRadBradRoo yyyyyyuueeeeeeeeeeeesssssss Heck yeah it was IM PART OF THE DELIRIOUS ARMY TheRadBradRoo yes the XD clasic delereas TheRadBradRoo his part wasnt even that good tf TheRadBradRoo yes it was vanoss crew for life Hold up every body be quite we dont want the enemy see me when Im hiding.

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