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H2ODelirious lol I think youre rap was the best H2ODelirious bro will you put this on your chanal cuz like your part was the best like fr but dude you killed me on fortnite one time and I was so fucking happy like tbh I was posting up on Insta and snap lol not gonna lie you are the best websiter on god bro like why aint you the number one websiter yet lol keep posting the amazing content H2ODelirious if you comment back to me I swear I will cry Your The Best Delirious נננ H2ODelirious you were fucking awesome in this.

Sergio Garcia no man that was before oktober FrostyGaming - Clash of Clans Base Designs Probably get smacked For me, i love fortnite battle royale so much! AFTER it was just boring exept some exeptions. Everyone does that its not even funny The sounds the animations the websiters playing it and many other things Season 5 was different bro you should of played back in season 2 Bro I played it but my parents took my pc from me and so I didnt really experience season 2 I know I just miss this game so much Only the OGs will remember the animation when the enemys died Imagine if this had been a full lobby game 0.

9 4 is just reglar Seaaon 4 but i played full time on season 9. The universe, Im still wondering why I didnt recognize Deliriouss voice when he sang, he is playing with begginer level AI in tom Clancys with low resolution and mods, playing with the boys after school. I think they won :D 0:10 CDNTHE3RD 0:50 DAKOTAZ 1:11 FABVL 1:31 NERDOUTMUSIC 1:51 HALOCENE 2:12 H20 DELIRIOUS 2:32 FABVL (AGAIN) 3:01 ANGELMELLY 3:22 fortnite Times when fortnite was good and without toxic kids Everybody was my favourite!!!!!.

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