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fortnite is way better than him though lol fortnite cant snipe tho, scars are still good I remember my first time getting a scar Today when my friend got 3 scars in the same game Same my teammate killed me the second It appeared in my hot bar though I heard it like 2 years and 6 months ago Yep.

Some people have played since the beginning My opinion the game is trash atm ut was way better back then thats why its and i played the game before this song came out and miss it Man I like to visit this song back to the good old days when tilted was still a thing 4 years later I still know the lyrics Never forget when the game was in its prime 4 years later i stiil listen to this masterpiece Just rewatched this and I remember I got hyped when I heard fortnite.

I did like that last line tho Topher bread but you have va Vanoss logo 2:30 That Delirouss Laugh. I would wake up and start watching fortnite at 8:00 am and until 10:00 am. Season 1-5 was arguably the best game ever created and I dont think I will ever feel the same about a game ever again Damn i miss the old slurp that gave 25 health and shield fortnite: Drops 32 kills in season 2 Me: Season 12 still not dropping a 10 bomb Ahh when not everyone was a complete sweat who builds castles in 2 seconds Man your transformation not only personality but also gameplay is insane bru This man just hit my all time snipe back to back like it wasnt shit Back when players didnt build a tower in 5 seconds I remember the days when fortnite actually used to read the donation messages Because we were all trash back then nowadays people build fast af and play everyday Imagine seeing someone crank 90s in season 3 When the snipers used to show both shield and health when hitting a headshot, only got it 3 times CHRIS BOONE start using builder pro contols Itachi Uchiha dude i started using builder pro and its so good, and women, land i love good players, etc) Ogs should remember that chest location 3:25 And my record is a 5 kill 7th place, and fortnite was more fun so i stuck to it but now i play cs again Bro spies and fucking planes are what made the game bad, like bring the old things back and maybe more people will spend money and play this game more often Para los que quieren el saber el nombre de la cancion de cuando le donan si ponen en website dollars les aparece se llama i need no se que Bro Cmn got 1200 dollar not even a thanks Lilpriorr fax Im tearing up watching this Por fin alguien que abla espaol Jos tøp I need a dollar - Aloe Blac Jos tøp jajaa alguien ablando espaol aki Jordi lopez madre mia que bien escribes tio Mr.

He carried Blue knight in that one verse: TIS BUT A SCRATCH. Hay guys can we hit the like goal.

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