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And the people who I was with was like Shut up. I used to listen to this all the time and knew all the words its so much nostalgia to watch it This brings back so many memories. CA W Im not saying people are at a equal skill level Im just saying its so easy on console, but I was telling that you are being hypocritical by saying azhar07 is watching fortnite in a way to make fun of him yet youre watching fortnite as well I miss after school bro, more stuff too.

Every1 is here out of pure nostalgia and i love it I really want them to add a setting where you can get sound effects and textures from season 5 and below just for the people that miss it Some of you guys missed the old FN but honestly a lot of comments here are just missing their childhood happiness and a world without covid. Im struggling to reach 1k­­­ XFOOTBALLKINGX this is closer to old fortnite then what we when today What do you mean by just Ôchapter 2Ô Same I have the blue squire skin I remember the old days no sweats Id just build a base on top of a house it was so fun We now have all the awful weapons, if your not already NerdOut.

Im talking about the content the game brings this season Capti cry I was saying the same thing when watching this website ­ Eternal Viper ok.

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