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- were the last best years of my lifebut theyll never be the same as the good old days I remember I watched this over and over again נ This is lowkey fire bruh. Will never forget this vibe still נננגגן¸נ This rap song is lit!!!. Its Willis almost made me cry broננננננננננננ Aron Tripathy Kinda is cause its season 23 Its Willis same bro almost made me cry bro its so hard to explain how much a og misses the old days Well thats just your opinion. Playing Fournite want to play my name vifdre LOL SAAAAAAMMMMMMEEEE I went over board didnt I Me:hmmm what season is this song released season 2 (chapter 2) no Season 1 no Season x no Season 9 no Season 8 no Season 7 no Season 6 no Season 5 no Season 4 no Season 3 and 2 ommggggg I remember the day when this song released it looks like yesterday ננ Only people who remembers the Grey pump can like this RIP pump :( Back when Fortnite was so enjoyable, idk how He hit a guy with a gray pump for 220 Look at how much damage he does 2:35 And dont forgot THE FUCKing STORMS THAT ARE OP Its too the point now I just leave if its not a good circle so I could play for hours and only play like 2 matches Yeah because you get into bot lobbys The pump part I gotta disagree with.

But i agree with u. Yeah man, watch my vids if u think im lying Abbs4 youre good,but fortnite is better and thats not even what the unknown asked Sweetmikey yeah but i play on ps4 alot of try hards even im a try hard sometimes Thats the perfect description of my fortnite life Abb4s Mohd A lot of the good players are on pc but yes you are right about the noob part in a sense The Unknown everybody plays good in PC. 100 players fighting out to the death and building while a storm closes in, welcome back drum gun.

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