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everyone was taken to tears. fortnite was like the worst his voice doesnt fit i kinda agree with fabyl but i liked ceez the best LennyMan3 No. Me too bro us CO2024 gonna look back and gonna be emotional The times when I could tap my brother wake up its the weekend Makes me wanna play fortnite again Fr ‚Fortnite Fortnite lets go I get it all night all night fo sho‚ Clean nostalgia.

Now these days theirs only 12 year olds who are very competitive? ū Y r u such a 8 year old tryna defend something like fortnite Guys chill lets just enjoy the songsū Vynxey insulting peoples age for being 8 when your 10 I know adults that play this game regularly There is and it might be bcs its like new for me cuz i have not played 4 10 months so ya Why do so many plp hate fortnite it fun but dont gotta stuff that its boring if u want to make it feel fresh take a break 1.

Nostalgia This brings back some of my favorite memories.

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