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It was fun playing cod but now its gonna be trash because all the little kids gonna be playing blackout? Everyone knows how to play now. Im watching this because he is so good, they start building Hey Itsme yes. He doesnt know he was just trying to sound like he knew everything This is my opinion so plz dont hate.

If you said this to some Fortnite player inOMG its so long ago!, ādudeā is like an afterword or adlibs To show off their building skills and who gets more kills and yeah Every time i listen to this, my old, i miss when that Suppressed SMG got a massive buff and it was better than ARs for like 3 weeks.

That wouldve kept the building situation under control and the game probably wouldve lasted a lot longer without being sweaty as hell.

CDNTHE3RD IS A BETTER RAPPER THAN A GAMER :P Holy crap JT music and nerd out music please do a music together JT Music you are the best i watch your raps they are the best You mabye be Jt Music but i still call you JT Machinma JT Listened To Dis Masterpiece too!!!.

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