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He posted about it numerous times as well. Some of the players left cuz they didnt wanna die such horrible deaths from 30 meters up high. I remember it was Halloween and I went to my friends house and he introduced me to fortnite. 1 million endorsers on his YouTube channel and coordinated a transfer on the web-based feature Twitch with the rapper Drake, it can be played on Mac Air.

Its so sad watching this after seeing how sweaty the game has become :( The sniper sounds like an Ar brings back memories Neptune: That was sooooo good. fortnite: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME YOU LIL SH Alex TheOofMan you guys are still talking about that lol.

Ninja is one of the foremost skillful and trained players on Fortnite, read 0:40 with captions Ur part was best yeettttttttttttttttt Ttraeh trigger kidz when dey salt me increase sorry gotta go double g double pease yar yeeet Triggered trash kids when there salt is increased sorry gotta go double g double peace yah yeet.

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