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2 is lit I was about to say that, THIS IS THE BOMB Used to rap this on xbox. I need help changing my FORTNITE NANE PLEASE? Møre RĂce why does everyone say 1-3 is OG that was when it was popular and lots of people were playing like df Yo the season 1 of a rember when salty had no name I start playing Fortnite 2 days after release.

The serenity of builds, au niveau des constructions et des mĂcaniques de jeu, asteroids for I forget what system, trust me after about an hour you nail the controls, he seems stressed đ Haha hes been shuted down by the fortnite god Cade Raid cuz at 7:45 he killed like 10 people and when fortnite went to kill the egg guy he was a noob II Miike RNG II its simple as that, its a website game with dancing bananas.

good time I hope the game goes back to the start with like skill etc so its more fun but ppl keep stuff like skins locker items etc. We all know your lying and we dont care if your an OG if youre OG it doesnt make you good?

Get over it fortnite is the biggest game at the moment 256m players a month and thats bc the recent updates are amazing.

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