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This win was for the guy who dropped his Mac an cheese lol Back when building was not a thing,now you shoot 1 bullet to a person,and that person builds like crazy I need a dollar dollar the dollar is all I need ahhh the good old days Back when ur was easy to go for high kills2007-2012 what a great Era and now i see kids like uhh i miss old fortnite lmao L PetitMinou l how old r u if your calling us kids L PetitMinou l well I never played Halo I was probably like 9 when it came out U dont even what halo is.

The website are so fun to look back on. Pewdiepie is at over 50 mil subs and only makes 2 mil a year Nicholas Lakatosh Twitch subscribers cost money, thanks for all the likes, became friends and all that.

fortnite from season 1 in his first game is better than me He killed crude from like tenser and nudah and the fellas : Not Recommended : Lets show this to everyone Forever live as the kid who almost killed fortnite WELCOME TO SEASON 7.

This is coming from a kid who played websitegames since three years old and is 19 now Youre no ones tryna make you laugh bozo Yea you are lmfao cant even use the right your My original comment was about how incoherent you are now shoo Yeah same I remember when I thought 5 kill wins were good but you be getting sweaty kids with 20 as an average That nostalgia bro :( season 3, when the tactical shotgun was epic.

I missed the old days I wish there was a way to know when your in the good old days I miss back when fortnite and apex legends were good I miss how easy it was now people are just to sweaty When the purple tac did have a different style God love those days You are good guy if u come here to see tilited again I kinda miss the old fortnite lol.

also one of the likes is blue for some reason Ah back when fortnite was actually good now its just utter crap CDN 3rd - Dusty my spot Kids - whats Dusty Depot Epic Games teaser - hold my beer Cristian Montero me is very happy I mad dat Gingie went back I was going to but my remote was dead Xander Massallo bro me I got hyped to play it Xander Massallo me after this I got like 5 wins Me but dont have money to buy a ps or a xnox Xander Massallo me and the annoying thing is that I cant Just saying i play on xbox plz dont hate Trey Wells 2nd account back then fortnite was what its supposed to be Youre only saying that because you started playing 2 days ago Fortnite was so good now its trash and shit Craig oh no no somebody spam that like on Craig oh no nos reply damn son what a roast you a real Demi god It was lowkey ruined with this fortnite bullshit Bruh you seven year olds dont even know how good your childhood would have been with Minecraft Would agree if this was a minecraft website Or GTA San Andreas or NFS Mos Wanted, but it really changed the community since everyone thinks they are pros and basically just kill the game.

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