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Now im sitting in tears, fortnite got almost 5x as many kills as I did Biig Bolo lol i get hyped over 2 ­ Biig Bolo nope because Im good at building but I suck at aiming Dlovan Taha I have 10 dont worry youll get there I got 6 kills then someone kills me then BAM 4th place Biig Bolo NOOOOO I FREAK OUT WHEN I GET ONE OR TWO Biig Bolo no man i get hyped for 1 kill Lol i get hype over 1 or 2 kills Im so noob the reason Im watching this website is to be like fortnite and be pro Of course me becouse my record is 2 kills Biig Bolo Bro.

Cest dommage Gotaga te sors au moins 3 ou 4id much rather play season 5 than what we have now: true dat or just stop playing this game, when Fortnite was actually good, if your not already NerdOut, etc I agree with you but the way you presented it was awful.

Much love Dakotaz, so much nostalgia i miss it sm 16 seasons later and I still remember all the lyrics ­ About 5 years and this still hits! Because hes one of the three people in this song who can actually sing and rap xD Id Id liked because is dont agree not to hatr Killer gamer lol when auto correct makes jt worst cant even spell Douglas Brown yeah delirous army forever.

As players are dispensed withse voc├ foi um player antigo ou OldSchool!

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