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Who wanted to play fortnite after this If youre watching this inId do anything to go back to the old fortnite :(. I didnt mean to but its hard to write an entire song in the comment without 1 mistake Guys. they literally have a toxic community that waste money on the alive game. :) (I tried to actually supply a counter point then just being like ur retarded looool) Most of the comments: I miss old fortnite I wish they can bring this back Back then when no one use to build Good old days When fortnite got me the chills if you know what i mean I love u fortnite keep up the good work When fortnite was a fun game i miss this fortnite and this community 2:35 - 2:36 that 220 headshot with a GREY pump Now u need a gold pump to 220 But mine hits for 30 Everyone coming back to watch the best website on website I need old fortnite playing old fortnite website uploaded now :o I wanna get 32 kills like papa fortnite.

It broke my heart to see this amazing game being destroyed before my eyes! Im struggling to reach 1k Apex he must be Elon Musks long lost son xD Yet I havent played in like 4 months, i stopped playing after season 6, but dont get it twisted, there is people who cant stick the landing Logan poul hahahaah so true tilted was so quiet he killed everyone I commented that too now Joshua Patel lol u beat me to it I was gonna comment that Joshua Patel I was gonna comment that hahahah OMG I JUST NOTICED WHAT A COINCIDENCE Huh didnt spot that till you said lol I was gonna comment that too until I saw this omg The players that got eliminated watched his website Liar its 34M views idc its a month ago We need fortnite dollar song back.

Yeah kinda tried to over do it and it didnt go well My fav was 4 cuz it was the first biggest update Controversial opinion: you miss the unskilled gameplay, and proceeds to break it, like if you miss the og days Awesomegone FTW fortnite in here and they usually dont mix Angel Luis huh they played duos alot Right click inside the website -- Loop, tilted towers, and that laugh of yours that make me smile at the end Delirious im a huge,huge fan of yours You can look around but youll never find me!! H2ODelirious You totally won,Id vote for you if I had a Twitter account, princess,prince,God of fortnite Everything, these kids think that if someones better than them, but they cant stop :( Just ignore them and lets default dance Legit my school account image is the sad default We must protect our kind and make an army because the streamers are coming Dead ass they got h20 delirious in this Dose anyone want to friend me on fortnight please Ok bet epic is Docterwinter342 and twitch is the same the d is just lower case Jell8D This is illegal, his fortnite website get over 500k views and even a million but others are below 500k And obviously if your OG your better than everyone else Nah the point of the game is for epic games to make a ton of money Why would I shut up just because some little Timmy told me to Bruh your name is john like dont even with me lmao Are you 12 like go to bed stop sneaking Minecraft smh YOU FING PLAY FORTNITE MY GUY ENOUGH SAID Little boy probably had to go to bed Or got caught sneaking Minecraft like bruh Nah you know I just stayed up all night like normal people do Ok yea your 9 why dont you dodge my roast like smh I like how your pretending that your not nine lmao Omg I just watched your basketball 2v2 website lmao you actually are 9 Prob havent even gotten your 3 shots from the doctor your so young Bruh just stop your embarrassing yourself lmao Little Timmy 9 year old trying to roast me lol he wont leave me alone like I get 10 noties just from him like look at his channel lol and look at him Yea especially when there wasnt people like you who sub botted Yes not season 5 it was great also I have black knight so season 5 is still great yeah he barley gets a million views This here is late s2 right after tilted came out Yeess bring this all back miss it new season sucks Me to these times i was a noob but i still love this times Now hes very toxic not family friendly anymore Its cuz fortnite moved on to other games and wanted to take a break from Fortnite cuz he was getting bored and losing interest in it the reason his channel has been dying is cuz his viewers are subscribed for Fortnite content not other games such as valorant so the way the website algorithm works is if you change content to another game or something else in general website wont recommend those website to your subscribers cuz website knows that the viewer likes watching only fortnite Fortnite website so it will only recommend those types of website its a really system of how the website algorithm works its kinda hard to explain tbh lol.

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