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I started to watch the website of Fortnite two months ago and i became a huge fun of him and I always wanted him to come back again on fortnite. the sky bases. Good times. Life was good when this came out tho ha love it This song dropped when i was 14 and now im 18. Connor Mould, at least you dont have 1 billion LOSSES ManTV99 Studios I feel your pain 23 solo 12 duo and 9 squad Did you just say a billion looses how old are you My brother is pretty good at fortnite, what do you mean.

AND REMEMBER THAT EPIC GAMES LOST MILLION OF DOLLARS BECAUSE OF TRY HARDERS Brandon OC Ehhhhh people are a lot more sweaty nowadays I also wish I could get a fortnite victory royale I joined in season 5, thats a good thing in my eyes. PHANTOM .

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