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: ew thats so slow The best singers of the website: Dakotaz, the nostalgia, how dare those fortnite players play their best, every single time I hear it, cest ├á dire plus de bambi, ty everyone Edit 2: 257 damnnnn, hes not you just salty you cant sing as good as fabvl he the best PlayStation Gamer 111 Yeah i think too but i think H2O sing better Jayden donnelly they are talking about him just being the bush Jayden donnelly well, smile because it happenedÔ -Dr Seuss I tought that in noord korea you cant play websitegames Kim Jung-un it was the best time of fortnite, like this comment!!, then ending with fortnite himself this song was my life­ Even when i stopped playing the game i gotta listen to this banger every year Old days when the game was actually fun This game got a special place in everyones hearts i feel like crying cus of the amount of laughs and good times i had This is a reminder of how good this game was These days were gold bro this song still slaps ­ This never gets old­­­­­ Dakotazs line was always my favourite and still is, all my friends want to do now is sweaty build battles in creative I know I watched it like 3 times haha Not to me, angelmelly, the og weapons.

These Gamers are the GODS at FORTNITE Also I like the song with fortnite, 2 times already, fortnite is is shit and will always be, but the thing is if you get better you can still win, one thing we all know everyone that played back then (3 years ago), youre extremely horrible Ahhhhhh. OMG!!!!11111!!? Ive been playing for three months and now I get at least two kills per game! Proud Merican I play pubg and I didnt dislike it and pubg is a game that requires more skill than fortnite I know as I play both games Mr.

Thats why i am playing minecraft like a lot of other people.

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