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Thats like saying using spray paint preps you for perfect brush strokes. Killer bean lmao I would like to see you 1v1 Dakotaz and win Oh shit thats not real at all Killer bean 1v1 him u will get screwed Bro best song ever fortnite and dakotaz Dakotaz hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!I love youre vid Dakotaz Dakotaz I think you won the rap battle Dakotaz yeah your the best snipper but Im better Dakotaz. You stay up till 3 being really silent without your parents knowing so that you can get to see the new season 2 changes.

Im just so tired of people complaining about people using a key feature of the game and over exaggerate how much we do it when they could easily just make a new acount to play with noobs Yeah. and when you would see a john wick.

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