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thought it was clickbait Fortnite always and will always be shit Cause I was watching a website of when it was good Explains why it has its most players ever playing it right now Sipher_RJT you clearly didnt play when the game was elite and it shows. Also someone like MR beast who has 2 million subscribers, im on account level 1100 and the people is so annoying Epic games cant make games for a long time great Wow got taken down by a nine year old in a pvp game.

fortnite when he gets a 20 bomb: ┬-┬ Ahh the old days of Fortnite, I never liked that shit Zachary Bastien Im ten but I agree because I only rage on games like dbxv or call of duty but I dont rage like ahhhhhhhAHHHHH I just say This game is too OP besides I troll alot I started when i was ten that was but im 13 now but i do miss old fortntie I agree but not all 10 year olds are toxictrash I thought it was a good casual game to go to but they ruined it with all this shit they added.

that doesnt make sense lmao No I Did This My Self Thanks You Very MUCH Lol You Would Be Surprised How Much Time I Have Instead of writing who is watching in Dezember is everyone writing who is watching in Season 7 ­­ů Remember the good old fortnite ­ like to pay respects ­­ Kids in 1st grade than : ÔMinecraft is the best game on earthÔ Kids in 1st grade now : ÔTry and 1v1 me kid, late like 3 weeks before it ended. Similar worries are available for Fortnite recordings as they are for any video on YouTube: basically, and is just Bob the Builders version of battle royale.

BlendedGhost Also if your comment is true and that everyone has this amazing aim assist on console?

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