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Jesus. Literally all kids in the comments are like they are og No imma be honest it was in season6 even though i started season4 That would be sick with all the guns back too They should make all the seasons seperate games instead of updating the damn thing all the time Edit: If that happens people will grow tired and then Fortnite will be forgotten How am i a fkn weirdo if me name is yusuf Not everyone is from us so that that they will hav james in there name No because that would mess up competitive so much because all the pros would have to re-learn all the mechanics and no-one would be good and it wouldnt be fun to watch because its just the old game and we have already played the older seasons so why would we want them again Why r u hating on people that try, time flies.

angelmelly 7. H2ODelirious Im your biggest fan delicious H2ODelirious love your vids use to when you played gta you didnt play for a while I really wanted it back but now I dont care love your vids Youre litterlly the best part, if that is what youre talking about.

It is additionally critical to examine with kids how in-game buys are intended to allure them in and burn through cash. please make sure to show this young G some love because he is a rap star.

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