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510 now tbh, I wanna go back to this scene Damn this song so good it made me nostalgic about THIS game NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN NEVER GONNA TURN YOU DOWN His part made me wanna die. You would go to school and come running home to play fortnite with your best friends. It was literally faster to build without it than it nerfed. If you think about it this wasnt even that long ago it was after the patched where you cannot see through the edits Am i the only one here and in 2 days Me trying to find a comment 2 years ago How can you play website game but i hve to study every day and i wnat to be twich stremer!

This brings a smile to my face This is amazing this is not good times no-one knows how good because someone can always beat them I honestly forgot this existed until just a few minutes ago when i was looking for music to listen to.

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