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Because you were assuming that his website was a scam. ­­­­­­ FF I remember when i killed a Guy when i was in Bush i even have It clipped on xbox Season 1: This game is hard Season 2: This game is fun Season 3: This game is my favourite Season 4: This game is toxic Im going back to GTAO No all the ways tell planes got added was fun The old days are over fortnite is dead It isnt its popular but not fun for us OGs BIG BAD DEATH 2:12 is where you here him Paperchasin 716 his laugh at the end made it alot better :) MichaelCoolguy u salty u dont 10 million subs Dude just leave the guy alone dislike or like you dont got to be rude.

0:01 when my ex says Hey how are you Why does Fortnite look like he hasnt eaten in a week. now in upper secondaryhigh school second year I was in 4th now gonna be in high school in a few months I was in 5th grade when the game came out now Ill be a sophomore next year Now fortnite is trash imo back in - it was pure gold there are a lot of people that just build and doesnt have aim You have no ideas how many times Ive watched this and it still makes me want to go back and do it all again We enjoyed the moments without knowing they will become memories­­ I still play it but i know what you mean Gaming keeps going.

A player can change its display name once in every two weeks. The 10 year old kids in creative who say no earnings yet havent played a tourney Remember when you would squad up with the bois and just do memes and now its deep breathing into a mic and full of toxic people I mean its fifty fifty cuz that was the last best season ngl No Im talking like the last best season before well it started to becoming less fun I think the game started to die out in season 8 but I remember coming back from school just dying to hop into squads with my friends I quit fortnite last year but I used to be addicted to it when it was good I remember watching this getting realest it was hit I loved it but fortnite just got soo boring for me so I quit last year I started playing in February or season 3 When i was reading this it was sining the part when he says trash Can you please stop fighting with people just because of games its not their fault for liking a game I loved the first one when it came out and then completely forgot about it?

To the good old days.

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