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4 years later and i still know every word fortnite: Im dancing on top of you Also fortnite: Reports players for dancing on him. God times This was my jam and still is to this day oh the good old days of chapter 1 4 years in march and am still listening to it ­­­ This is all Ill hear whenever I drop tilted now Damn i miss when fortnite was like this honestly He sounds like a 12 year old trying to put on a deep voice­ I can cry­i fucking miss this times.

THATS real nostalgia Back when you could be good,but not sweaty 17:51: me when I get 1kill and make it in the top 60 God I miss the og days so much maaaaaaaaaan I miss when Fortnite was just loot and shoot, but it simply changed my life, ive met some The new map is probs more beautiful tho, i listened to it when I had to go to the doctor for my hip, you do that yourselfthrough your company, how dare those fortnite players play their best, and i remember the times when id hop on a ps party with my friends and squad up, my ears bled listening to this, this looks easy as fuck, I started playing the game late into season 1, well done fortnite.

Dani Idk he has more like 130k subs. A dub back then This is so old that Tyler would still ocasionally swear. Li sa I know and goof for them for keeping up with the skill gap and not getting bored and sick of the game Definitelyabot I can tell u aint­ The weopen design, predator, i just go with the weapon i prefer he is obviously like that about bursts over Ars which again is the opposite to what id do), I was just about to say the same thing.

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