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Really helping to balance out the spray meta too. 25x speed is the best Fortnite is a shit game end of story Mol Ester mate people have different opinions so dont start a war about pubg and fortnite Mol Ester your shit(hears a bunch if daaaamns in the background) VesperLeopard47 you can see this guy is obviously a pub g player and salty that fortnite took over Mikaiver not true my brother plays pubg and fortnite and he đ it Ya know, mi duda estĂ sĂper bien explicada ahora Jos tøp Si te das cuenta el no es tan ingles por solo tiene en idioma ingles y scuad es ingle el idioma osea WTF!, but Minecraft could eventually get more downloads than fortnite?

If you stated playing the game today and just now heard of it, I get it. Thats why i am playing minecraft like a lot of other people. I just wanna relive them all. No playground brought the community together bro In playground the people played for fun in creative no. Double peace say yeet.

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