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People hate it ironically and in reality they probably plays it anyway. shows the genuine people act the same as they would normally be. epics still going strong with this game five years later so theyre doing something right fortnite do you no you play with me on Fortnight today my name was State1851 Season 1 100 body shot Season 5 3 headshot Ive never heard anything so true.

that doesnt make sense lmao No I Did This My Self Thanks You Very MUCH Lol You Would Be Surprised How Much Time I Have Instead of writing who is watching in Dezember is everyone writing who is watching in Season 7 ­­ů Remember the good old fortnite ­ like to pay respects ­­ Kids in 1st grade than : ÔMinecraft is the best game on earthÔ Kids in 1st grade now : ÔTry and 1v1 me kid, the Fortnite is so addictive!

Nah its honestly fire, chec╬ old memes. Also theres people who have skins but arent good at playing Wizard Wizard ÔprofessionalÔ lmfao no HYPE HD more damage if u have rlly good aim He said he likes he feeling of the burst in stream HYPE HD the burst is my favorite I take a rare burst over an epic scar anyday but thats cuz Im literally a god with a burst HYPE HD it triggered me when i seen him leave that blue ar for the burst Burst best weapon in the game dont me HYPE HD The burst fires 3 shots quicker than the AR which makes it a good weapon to juggle the pump shotgun with.

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