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a noob isnt a intelligent person who dont buy useless shi in cringe games. didnt realise how good old fort was better than now Me struggling to get 3 kills at all: Ninga casually getting 32 kills in solo squads: Dammmnnn watching a grey pump doing 220 headshots is nostalgic and satisfying af Ah the good times when there werent so many tryhards I came back just to get that sense of nostalgia from the old fortnite days I miss the good old days in fn i watch in germany every night the stream :( I remember when I skipped school just to play season 3 and season 6 man those were some great times: I miss the old sounds of the big pot bandages and med kits­­ 2:35 grey pump did 220 damage.

We would stay up all night and die of laughter when he would rage and die in the game. Thank you good sir. Thats why? For me they were the best when I was a lot younger and this game gave me so much satisfaction playing with my friends every time when I came back from school. now in upper secondaryhigh school second year I was in 4th now gonna be in high school in a few months I was in 5th grade when the game came out now Ill be a sophomore next year Now fortnite is trash imo back in - it was pure gold there are a lot of people that just build and doesnt have aim You have no ideas how many times Ive watched this and it still makes me want to go back and do it all again We enjoyed the moments without knowing they will become memories­­ I still play it but i know what you mean Gaming keeps going.

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