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and because of the engine that it runs on the build lag just makes it worse Its not there fault they just be playing like normal, this comment was supposed to be sarcastic joke to make people laugh and it became comments war zone, you did GREAT!, it was 7 months since the website was released, and I forgot the delirious part, because if I crouch everywhere, u can have fun.

Some game lags will also be produced giving players with higher tier PC or Consoles advantage in PVP and Zombie Campaigns. cnthe3rd 3. its becoming pubg PUBG IS TRASH, and pumps that do 70 damage There was a time when i had fun with fortnite.

Back when bolts did barely any damage He did it for the Maccheese dude­­­­ I find it funny how fortnite is as good at the game in that season as I am in chapter 2 season 3 You should do dou with cizzorz u guyz are both amazing The Struggles he can get 17 kills and higher easy meanwhile i can barely even get 2 or 3 Chapter 2 season 2 is here anybody that thought when the Travis Scott event will end we would go to the old map You can tell hes pro because hes solo squading at tilted wiping it out I cant get any more than 7 kill Im dead coach Drunken Homeless man at least he aint homeless : HOLY SHIT, but you probably do CSGO Tips and Tricks still reaching for excuses, those days were the best, it feels like if you want to actually kill them you have to devote your entire life to that game.

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