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Ive played since s2 and I have lol to prove it Also I hit 20 bombs at console u can check my 2 clips at my original channel (hit 400 with a pump at s7 early) This thing will never die if it does, a fun time.

Have a heart. kind of triggered me the amount of changes id have made to his gameplay. I wasnt jpking maybe if u got better you would have fun to When tilted was replaced it all went down hill Now people just talk about chap2 season 2 was the best but thay have no idea Rip to all the good times w the homies and rip to good content I said it was going downhill I didnt say it was bad, are furnished with a hatchet and should rummage for additional weapons.

Dis shit was lit especially h2O delirious part CDAthe3rd and FABVL was the best but H2O delerious was really funny H20 delirious laugh at the of his part I love him SO PROUD OF ANGELMELLY When I saw this I was like hold up Delirious no way You know that I am the king of dusty R.

I hope you take the time to read this, love your vids.

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