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Nabil Danial that donation was for charity Seth he has add or adhd, of course it started off casually but it now it has evolved into a competitive game and youre complaining about it because you couldnt adapt to the meta smh.

Now maybe markiplier or jacbksepticeye lol He grow fast because he good at majority game I love fortnite but PewDiePie is the best for me :P Sister Fister Lmao he cant pass pewdiepie thats impossible Avrio pewdiepie adapts to what is popular, seach this thing and later talk Who is the best I enjoyed it till the end of 8 season Geimer Shqip trust me man.

Fantastic. ננננננ FF I remember when i killed a Guy when i was in Bush i even have It clipped on xbox Season 1: This game is hard Season 2: This game is fun Season 3: This game is my favourite Season 4: This game is toxic Im going back to GTAO No all the ways tell planes got added was fun The old days are over fortnite is dead It isnt its popular but not fun for us OGs BIG BAD DEATH 2:12 is where you here him Paperchasin 716 his laugh at the end made it alot better :) MichaelCoolguy u salty u dont 10 million subs Dude just leave the guy alone dislike or like you dont got to be rude.

You really need to learn how not to contradict yourself if you want anyone to take you seriously Yeah dude change my words now I never said popularity doesnt equal quality If you want to argue you need to learn to make arguments instead of desperately making things up otherwise no one will take you seriously Does it look like I can afford to get a decent mic Whos on this during quarantine while being bored as hell.

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