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I have emailed epic games but they haven‚t provided any real help and Nintendo confirmed its an 'issue on Epic Games‚ end. I deleted it completely man if they released the patch or whatever from season 2 3 4 idc but in its prime im pretty sure they will get so many more plays then they do now Nah cause im pretty sure the building was different back then of course a lot has changed they had like a fatigue where you couldnt build as fast im pretty sure if i remember correctly so i think itd actually be a good patch for sweats Yup but sweats are the only reason this game is still alive if they brought it back to the first 5 seasons you guys would come back on for a couple days because of nostalgia then get back off and the ‚sweats would be playing a realistically worse version of the game they currently play for a whole season minimum It does hit different.

had to stream you while with them to prove im not xD Tell me why these graphics look better then in the new fortnite Type Red Sama and look his gameplay he had 31 kills he would brake your record but he died he is a german websiter but he plays on ps4 Everyone saying game is harder now it was much harder then because everyone was bad including ourselves I did it to try and analyze the way he plays.

Estos son los website que no daban ganas de mejorar ser como ellos! season 9 fortnite almost dies so much than the old fortnite?

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